Who We are

We are a team of lawyers that come from different backgrounds that only have one goal in mind: to achieve the desired results of our clients and to ensure that they are guided throughout their work in the legal aspect

Our relationships with our clients last up to 10 years due to the comfort that we provide for them throughout our journey. We provide detailed reports of the work we do for them to ensure they are frequently update and have a birds eye view of their situation. 


Mission & Vision Statement

Vision: Our vision is to reach the top 5 law firms in the Middle East by 2021.

Mission Statement: Provide the best legal services in the region by hiring highly professionals and doing more work than our counterpart.

Why Choose Us

When you decide to work with Hawre Surchi, we will take the stress out of difficult situations. Whenever you need us, we’ll be present.


Have a chance at sitting with experts in order to get the right guidance on how to tackle a problem or run your business

Finishing transactions

We ensure you that we get transactions done in the fastest way possible whilst getting the desired outcome

Resolving disputes

At the end it's all about getting the right results which is our main priority when we tackle your issue

Expert Lawyers

We have the best team of lawyers that each specialize in different industries. You will have people behind you who are easy to work with.